Originated at the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada by C. R. Ure for the Prairie Fruit Breeding Cooperative, selected as 11E-14-40 at AHRC, Brooks Alberta, tested as PF 8, and released by the Morden Research Station in 1979. The tree is semi-vigorous, round headed with wide angled crotches but weak pendulous branches. It is hardy throughout zone 2 and moderately susceptible to fire blight. The fruit is large, 7-9 cm (3-3.5″) in diameter and round conic in shape with slight ribbing, and matures in mid to late August. The skin is greenish-yellow base overlaid 40-60% with dull red stripes. The flesh is cream white tinged with red, crisp, juicy moderately acid but sweet. It is only fair for fresh eating but good for cooking, good baked. Fruit has a low density, feeling light and airy. It stores for 6-8 weeks

Note: Besides the weak pendulous branching, the tree has a tendency to set fruit mostly on terminal buds, exaggerating the weeping form which requires special pruning techniques. The tree should be pruned annually, cutting back all branches to shorten annual growth and strengthen the wood and removing terminal fruit buds, especially during the training years.

One of our Westlands fruited in its 4th year.

Origin: Alberta

Hardiness: Moderately Hardy

Ripening: Midseason

Size: Large

Texture: Medium

Taste: Tart

Uses: Cooking

Rating: 4


Photo by Claire Lammers