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Discovered br W. Shafer, Poplar Point, Manitoba, and introduced by the Morden Research Station in 1963. The tree is moderately vigorous, upright branching habit. It is hardy to Zone 2a, or colder, but is susceptible to fire blight. The fruit is medium size, 4.5 cm (1.75") in diameter, oblatero round, and matures in early September. The skin is bright yellow, blushed to mostly washed with bright red. The flesh is yellow, crisp, tender but slightly coarse, very juicy, and sweet with a pleasant flavor. It is good for fresh eating, drying and sauce, but only stores for a short while, maybe a week or so. Both our Shafer trees fruited well 3rd & 4th years. From the USDA Germplasm website: Fruit: 4.5 cm. crab apple, yellow, blushed with red. Flesh yellow. Sweet dessert, similar to Trail in size and quality but slightly darker orange and does not bruise as easily as Trail. Hardy.

More Details

Origin: Manitoba

Hardiness: Hardiest

Size: Applecrab

Color: Red

Taste: Sweet,

Uses: Dessert, Juice,

Ripens: Mid-Late

Rating: 7