AK Pioneer Fruit Growers Association

Last Meeting of 2016 – Day Changed to Tuesday December 6th @ BP Energy Center

December 2, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 – New meeting day (due to meeting room not being available at normal time this December)

BP Energy Center, 6:30-8:45PM (in Anchorage)

Program: Sharing the Knowledge

Come learn from others and share your fruit growing experiences. This has always been a fun and informative discussion.

·         What worked and what did not.

·         What are your favorite varieties and why?

·         What are you going to try differently next year?

·         How did you process your fruit?  (make cider, jams, pies, drying, wine, etc.)

·         Favorite recipes or techniques? (samples and treats always welcomed, too)

Some of you may not be able to attend this informative meeting, but I am sure you have something to share.  Writing it all down and sending it in (to me) to put in our newsletter would be a great contribution. (It does not have to be a fancy written piece, just the facts (and readable) will work.) Sending recipes and (especially time saving) techniques would also be wonderful.