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From the Editor’s Garden

January 23, 2007

…And does anyone have a good way to manage gooseberries? Mine seem to want to flop over onto the ground, and then the stems end up breaking off at ground…

Featured Recipes 2006

October 23, 2006

…place two-piece lid, then process in hot water bath for 10 mins. (from Putting Foods By: 4th Addition)   Applesauce Tea Bread Submitted by Dan Elliot from Fruits and Berries

Red Raspberry

March 23, 2003

Red Raspberry Rubus idaeus   “Boyne” Raspberry Native to North America, red raspberries grow from perennial roots. The tall, thorny canes are brownish red and woody, reach full size the…

Featured Fruit — Cranberry

January 23, 2003

…150 species of cranberry in the world. The United States produces 98% of the world’s cranberries. Cranberries have been used culinarily and medicinally since befor the Europeans came to America….

Orchard Report – Peters Creek – 2002

June 23, 2002

…the same to my strawberries later in the season if I do not pick the berries before they turn fully ripe. Sigh. To my dismay I got stung out of…


December 28, 1990

…in Colorado was troubled by the undependable supply of wild berries, so he formed the Chokecherry Growers Assoc, and asked Colorado State University to conduct research.   Two acres have…

Featured Fruit: Strawberry

May 16, 2001

…fleshy and juicy. Strawberries are generally self fruitful. There are three classifications of strawberries based on when they flower and produce fruit. June bearers start making flower buds in the…


October 9, 1999

…and I harvested over 28 quarts of service berries. I didn’t get as many raspberries this year. I bought a “Fall Red” plant this year. I liked them real well….


November 9, 1995

…and gold raspberries, picked first crop Aug. 2; as of Oct 6, still no frost and still picking fruit. Green berries still on canes. Black and red currants, picked 5…

A partial list of “summer” apple and crabapple varieties suitable for trials in Southeast Alaska

September 9, 1995

…Inc., Canandaigua, NY 14424. 1-800-836-9630.   Hessayon, D. G. 1990. The Fruit Expert. Britannica House, Norwich, England. 128 p.   Hill, L. 1990. Fruits and Berries for the Home Garden….