The Alaska Pioneer Fruit Growers Association shares in and benefits from the personal experience of successful fruit growing in Alaska and seeks to educate any person(s) interested in fruit growing.

Our Mission
  • Locate, test and preserve superior or special fruit, berry and nut varieties relevant to Alaska.
  • Identify unique cultural methods/materials, propagation techniques, fruit breeding and grafting procedures, adaptations of species and cultivars and all other aspects of fruit growing.
  • Evaluate various fruit cultivars for hardiness in our local climate.
  • Provide instruction to and exchange information with members and anyone interested in fruit growing techniques and cultural practices.
  • Assist in group ordering of materials.
  • Promote communication and friendship between members and other fruit growing enthusiasts.
  • Encouraging friends and neighbors to establish their own fruit trees, bushes and shrubs.
  • Provide assistance to the Cooperative Extension Service to the extent possible.

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December 2, 2016

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 – New meeting day (due to meeting room not being available at normal time this December)

BP Energy Center, 6:30-8:45PM (in Anchorage)

Program: Sharing the Knowledge

Come learn from others and share your fruit growing experiences. This has always been a fun and informative discussion.

·         What worked and what did not.

·         What are your favorite varieties and why?

·         What are you going to try differently next year?

·         How did you process your fruit?  (make cider, jams, pies, drying, wine, etc.)

·         Favorite recipes or techniques? (samples and treats always welcomed, too)

Some of you may not be able to attend this informative meeting, but I am sure you have something to share.  Writing it all down and sending it in (to me) to put in our newsletter would be a great contribution. (It does not have to be a fancy written piece, just the facts (and readable) will work.) Sending recipes and (especially time saving) techniques would also be wonderful.

November 13, 2016

The newly elected 2017 Board of Directors is:

President, Doug Ott
Vice President, Terry Thisius
Secretary, Ken Acton
“Assistant Secretary”, Susan Miller (back-up when Ken is traveling)
Treasurer – Debbie Hinchey
Mike Carr
Joe Scarso



February 12, 2016

Shannon has volunteered to take over as Newsletter Editor. Join us in saying Thank You to her!