The Growing of Gooseberries in Alaska presented by Gary Masog
2018 March Presentation Notes - Hinchey talk
Lammers Orchard Video
Growing Raspberries Video presented by Rusty Foreaker Jan 10, 2019

Fruit tree growth and physiology Video presented by Annie Brownlee Dec 12, 2019

Ilona Farr, Preserving Techniques and Recipes for Our Harvests video Jan 9, 2020
Growing Fruit in Alaska slides presented by Ilona Farr Feb 2020

Lisa Wasko DeVetter, Associate Professor of Horticulture WSU NWREC – Mount Vernon, WA. Feb 13, 2020 presentation

Mark Wolbers, Growing Apples in Alaska video March 12, 2020

David Granatstein, Emeritus Professor from WSU, Sustainable Orchard Floor Management. Dec 10, 2020

Mark Wolbers, Vacciniums: Growing Blueberries & Lingonberries in Alaska. Jan 14, 2021

Steve Masterman. Planning to Planting: A new Fairbanks Orchard Feb 11, 2021

Dr. Matt Carlson and Justin Fulkerson, M.S., Pollinators and Their Habitat March 11, 2021

Kathy Wiederholt, Fruit Project Manager at North Dakota State University (NDSU) Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC). Cool Fruits For A Cold Climate. December 9, 2021

Jodie Anderson, Director of UAF Matanuska Experiment Farm and Extension Center in Palmer. Soil Basics January 13, 2022

Katrina Mendrey, Orchard Program Manager for Montana State University’s Western Agricultural Research Center (WARC).  Growing Backyard Fruit Trees from Establishment to Production. February 10, 2022

Mark Wolbers.  From Bud to Fruit: Surviving Cold – Requiring Heat.   March 10, 2022

Bob Vanveldhuizen, Soil Management for Alaska Fruit Orchards. Dec 8, 2022

Bob Thaden, Wine Tuning. Jan 12, 2023

Bernis Ingvaldson, Honeyberry.  February 9, 2023

Zach Miller, WARC, Cold Hardy Berries & Cherries. March 9. 2023

Dave Takush, Apples and Cider Making.  Dec 14, 2023    Spreadsheet

Ilona Farr, Growing Apricots, January 11, 2024

Tianna DuPont, Soil Health in Orchards, February 8, 2024

Dr. Gennaro Fazio, Geneva rootstock. March 17, 2024

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