AK Pioneer Fruit Growers Association

Helpful Links

University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program.

This has info on their released apple varieties and also on their cherries and honeyberries (haskaps)

  • “Dwarf Sour Cherry Trees”
  • “Availability of Sour Cherries in the US by Bob Bors”
  • “Dwarf Sour Cherry Guide by Bob Bors”
  • Honeyberries (haskaps)
The DBG Fruit Growers Group

Bernie Nikolai’s web site “Alberta Orchards Apple Notes”

Apple Tree Pruning and Care:
Alaska Fruit Trees website

UAF Cooperative Extension Service Publications
Suggested searches: Crabapples, Apple tree

What is Grafting – Methods, Techniques & Benefits of grafting
Whip and Tongue graft
How to Graft Apple Trees (Bench Grafting) – Seed Savers Exchange
Backyard Fruit Growers
Grafting Techniques, PennState Extension
Vegetative Propagation Techniques
Winter Care of Your Fruit Trees
Winter Injury to Trees
Preventing Girdling