A Dozen Things to Do Before Snowfall

A Dozen Things to Do Before Snowfall

  1. Clean up leaves and fallen fruit to prevent disease and pests from over wintering.
  2. Remove diseased wood from trees and other plants.
  3. Wrap trees to protect against sunscald and rodent damage.
  4. Put up fencing or other means to protect fruit trees from moose.
  5. Send in soil samples for testing.  The local CES office can give you a test kit which you then mail or take in to the Palmer Research Center.  This test is $40.
  6. Make sure perennials and trees are watered well for the winter.  Plants lose water even after going dormant.  Watering after the ground freezes is ineffective.
  7. Wait to mulch plants until after the ground freezes to keep rodents from making homes in the bedding.
  8. Drain hoses and put away sprinklers, buckets and watering cans to prevent freezing damage.
  9. Clean, sharpen, and oil tools before putting into storage.
  10. Make sure plants have sturdy labels or that you have made a “map” of your plants so you do not forget which variety you planted where.
  11. Consider removing leaves by hand if your fruit tree leaves have not dropped before the first wet, heavy snowfall.  Leaves hold the snow load and will break branches.
  12. Jot down a few things you noticed while cleaning up and submit them to your friendly neighborhood newsletter editor!!