A Garden Report


by Mary Patania


Gardening 2013

The events of fall 2012 set the stage for 2013.

We had huge amounts of rain 2012, July through August then a sudden quick freeze in Sept. The results of 2013 were:

Early Spring: No garlic or tulips. The ground didn’t warm up until mid July. We had lots of sun, then rain moderate. Everything grew like crazy. Most people lost everything. I’m always late, so planting seeds late helped.

The raspberries were great this summer. One catch; it takes one summer, winter, and second summer to develop fruit. So I’m not sure what I’ll have summer 2014.

The H-12, gree. Late apples were bitter. The Norland apples on a little tree were great. (Shielded from the wind.) The branch (grafted) of rescue apples were super. The Saskatoons (Canadian blueberries) were abundant and sweet.

We had an extended fall 2013. The apple trees developed buds. Who knows what they will produce 2014. I only know my garden has never let me down