Clair Lammers has passed along a note from Bernie Nikolai, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, regarding bark grafting:


Here’s a diagram that Pm told results in 99% success. Just be sure to cut the stock to the hardwood (if s greasy and shiny looking) and put the cut side of your scionwood (the tapered side) flat on it, with the reverse side under the bark. The finished graft (before wax and tape) should look like this:


The shaded area is exposed cambium on the reverse side of the wedge.


Step 1: Cut a wedge in your scionwood:


If your scionwood is thick, cut a concave wedge:


You will eventually slide your scionwood into the stock to this point:


Step 2: Shape the reverse side of your scionwood: (a) cut a taper ax the end; (b) cut the edges, exposing the cambium layer. The reverse side cut starts here:


Here’s a side view of the prepared scionwood:


Step 3: Carefully insert the tapered end of your scionwood past the slit in the stock so the tip of the wedge “digs in” under the stock’s bark layer:


I’ll soon be able to tell you if I get “99%” success! Regards, Bernie.


(Editor’s note: If you try this method of grafting this year, please let us know how successful it proves for you. Good luck!)