Book Reviews May 2001

Book Review:



NAFEX member George Stilphen is offering a second printing of his book The Apples of Maine.  Back in 1993, George updated the original Apples of Maine by Bradford that was originally published in 1911.  George’s first printing was only 500 copies, which sold fast and are almost impossible to find now.  I saw one advertised on the Internet for $125.00.  He has had many requests for the book so he has decided to publish another 500 copies.  He ran an add for the book in the Fall 2000 issue of Pomona.  If you did not see the ad, the 400-page book is hardcover and the price is $45.00 postpaid from:


George A. Stilphen

986 Bolster’s Mills Road

Otisfield, Maine 04270-7038

(207) 743-9420


I had been looking for this book for years as Southeast Alaska shares a very similar maritime climate with the state of Maine.  It would also be a great addition to anyone’s reference library for descriptions of apples.  If anyone is interested in early ripening apple varieties from the state of Maine, I would suggest getting the Fedco Trees catalog from:



PO Box 520

Waterville, Maine 04903-0520


They offer one-year-old trees on standard rootstocks grown by long time NAFEX member John Bunker for $14.00.  They have many old time apple varieties that you won’t find anywhere else.