Just a short note to let my fellow fruit growers know of some of the new rootstocks I will be testing this year. Prunus nigra, Prunus ussuriensis and Prunus mamima (pure) will be used for various stone fruits. Last fall I received some ‘Beautiful Arcade’ seed from Canada, and they are being started at this time. ‘Beautiful Arcade’ rootstocks are reported to promote early fruiting and a semi-dwarf apple tree- time will tell.


The new pears I’ll be trying are 1912-23 Uss., 34-680 Uss., 942-35B Uss., BF 6, Mishurn, Simon, Phillip, Giilford and Andrew. Also, about 40 new varieties of apples are being grafted at this time.


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—Clair Lammers, Fairbanks