Did You Know?

Did You Know?



  • If you discover a girdled tree in early spring, use white silicone caulking on the exposed area to prevent desiccation and save the tree.  The bark may grow back.


  • Young apple trees do best in bare soil with no competing grass or weeds and no mulch.


  • Evans cherry trees do best with neglect and competition from grass and weeds.


  • Ordinary shredded office paper is the best mulch for earthworm activity.




  • In Canada they use a pre-emergent herbicide called “Caseron” in November to keep all weeds and grass from coming up around the Saskatoon bushes.


  • Apples do not need to be picked until the temperatures get down to about 25 degrees.


  • Roses and apples can suffer what is called “replant disorder” if a new plant is placed where a related plant was recently removed.  Microorganisms in the soil form symbiosis with the previous plant which can negatively effect the new plant, making it fail to thrive.