Originated at the Morden Research Station, Agriculture Canada by C. R. Ure for the Prairie Fruit Breeding Cooperative, selected as W. O #6 at Scott, Saskatchewan and tested as PF 6. And released by the Morden Research Station in 1979. The tree is vigorous, upright and spreading. It is hardy to zone 2b, and susceptible to fire blight. The fruit is medium size, 6-7 cm (2.5″) in diameter, oblong-conic and ribbed, and matures in early to mid August. The skin is greenish-yellow skin base, well washed ( 40-60%) and striped with red. The flesh is cream coloured occasionally tinged with red, slightly coarse and moderately acidic, but pleasant. It is good for fresh eating and cooking and juicing. It stores for 2 months if picked before full maturity. Note: It may suffer recurrent injury in chinook regions

Origin: Alberta

Hardiness: Hardiest

Ripening: Early-Mid

Size: Medium

Texture: Medium

Taste: Sweet and Tart

Uses: Cooking, Dessert, Sauce, and Juice

Rating: 8