—by Jerry Koerner

Jerry Appleseed Nursery

PO Box 6292

Ketchikan, AK 99901


Due to the La Nina reversal, Ketchikan experienced a very late and very cold spring in 1999, which severely effected our bloom time, pollination and ripening dates. Bloom time was delayed 4 to 6 weeks, as was the ripening dates for most of our apples. Pollination for the early blooming cherries and plums was terrible. We did not get a single cherry from seven different varieties of sweet cherries, and the only plum to set fruit was a handful of small plums from our Shiro. In spite of the poor spring conditions, we did manage to ripen 47 varieties of apples, which is down from last year’s crop of 65 varieties. Many of the varieties did not color up well and they failed to develop their usual flavors. Our favorite new apple for 1999 was Laxton’s Fortune (Cox’s Orange Pippin x Wealthy). It developed a wonderful sweet-tart flavor by early October. Another late ripening favorite of ours is Sansa (Gala x Akane). We have to let them hang on the tree until the end of October but they are well worth the wait. We had another good crop of Janies Grieve, large juicy apples that we like to run through the juicer, and our Pristine trees came through with another good crop of beautiful golden yellow sweet-tart apples. Since we are running out of room here at the nursery for many more new trees, I have been grafting my new varieties on Bud 9 rootstocks instead of our usual EMLA 7. We now have more than 300 different early ripening apple varieties that are on trial here in Ketchikan and we will be adding more as we continue our research.




Apple Varieties and Their Characteristics Grown in Ketchikan, Alaska, 1999


Variety Size Color Texture Crisp Sweet Tart Ripens Rating Description
Akane SIM R.Y H Y   Y Sept 4 High Disease Resistance
Almata M R M Y Y Y Oct 4 Superior to Pink Pearl
Beauty of Bath M O S   Y Y Sept 3  
Bonners Early M YIR S     Y Sept 1 Air Balls
Booths July Gold SIM GIY H Y   Y Oct 3 Juicy
Breakey M R M     Y Aug 2 Susceptible to Scab
Devonshire Quarrendon S R M     Y Sept 2  
Earligold M Y M     Y Sept 2 Susceptible to Scab
Early Joe S RIG H Y Y Y Oct 4 Red Streaked Flesh
Early Russet MIL   H Y   Y Oct 3  
Emneth Early MIL G H Y   Y Sept 4 Scab Resistant
Geneva Early SIM RIY S     Y Aug 3 Susceptible to Scab
George Cave MIL GIR S     Y Aug 2  
Goodland MIL Y M     Y Oct 3  
Guldborg M YIR H Y   Y Oct 2  
Greensleeves M G H Y   Y Oct 4 Juicy
Hazen M R M     Y Oct 2  
Herefordshire Red streak SIM GIR H Y Y Y Oct 3 Juicy
James Grieve L YIR M Y   Y Oct 5 Very Juicy
Jefferis M GIR H Y   Y Oct 3  
Lady Sudeley M GIR H Y Y Y Oct 3 Juicy
Late Transparent M G M     Y Oct 4 Scab Resistant
Laxtons Fortune M R.Y M Y Y Y Oct 5 Excellent Flavor
Lord Lambourne M GIR M Y   Y Oct 3  
Lowland Raspberry MIL YIG S     Y Sept 3  
Lubsk Queen M O s     Y Aug 3 Susceptible to Scab
May Apple SIM YIR M Y   Y Aug 3  
McLemore S RIY H Y Y Y Oct 3  
Northfield Beauty M RIG H Y   Y Oct 3  
Orange Sweet S R M Y Y   Oct 5 Small but sweet
Pfirsichroter Sommerapfel SIM CIR M     Y Sept 3 Slightly aromatic
Prima SIM YIR M Y   Y Oct 2  
Pristine SIM Y M   Y Y Sept 4 Scab resistant
Pumpkin Russel MIL RIG H Y   Y Nov l Did not ripen
Red Baron SIM RIY H Y   Y Oct 3  
Redfree MIL RIY M   Y Y Sept 2 High disease resistance
Rosthern 18 S GIR H Y   Y Oct 2 Juicy
Sansa SIM QIG H Y Y Y Oct 6 Susceptible to scab and canks
Sops of Wine M RIG M   Y   Oct 4  
Summerred M/L R H Y   Y Sept 3 Susceptible to scab
Summer Scarlet SIM RIG M Y   Y Aug 3 Scab resistant, can be bitter
Tetofsky SIM Y M Y   Y Aug 2  
Tydeman Early Red MIL RIC M Y   Y Sept 4 Susceptible to scab
Whitney Crab S RIY H Y   Y Sept 4  
Williams Early Red M YIR H Y Y Y Oct 4 Vinuous
Williams Pride MIL RIY H Y Y Y Sept 4 High disease resistance
Wynooche Early SM RIC H Y   Y Oct 4 High disease resistance



Color:        C=Cream, G=Green, O=Orange, R=Red, Y=Yellow

Size:          S=Small less than 2”, M=Medium 2”-3”, L=Large more than 3”

Texture:     S=Soft, M=Medium, H=Hard

Rating:      1=Inferior, 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Very Good, 5=Excellent, 6=Superior