According to Lawrence Clark, a Yorkshire Greening’ apple has been growing in Anchorage for more than 20 years. It produces one of the largest apples of all the cold- hardy varieties growing in Alaska. Scionwood from this cultivar was offered in the grafting workshops this past April Below is a description of this cultivar taken from a book by John Bultitude. “Apples. A Guide to the Identification of International Varieties”. U of Washington Press, 1983.

‘Yorkshire Greening’ is assumed to have originated in Yorkshire, England. It was first recorded in 1803. It is a large green cooking apple primarily used in home gardens. The tree is somewhat weak, very spreading, a little weeping and produces spurs freely. The fruit color is deep green becoming greenish yellow; one quarter to three quarters flushed with brownish purple; bold, broad, broken dark red stripes; becomes greasy if stored. Fruit shape is flat-round, very irregular, often lop-sided, distinctly flattened at the base and apex, distinctly ribbed and usually five-owned. The flesh is creamy white, tinged green; firm, rather coarse-textured, somewhat dry and very acid. It is known by at least 14 other names including Yorkshire Goose Sauce Apple.