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    Dennis Hook

    Looks like the blooming is starting. I have be watching my red brook and campus plum for the past few days. The White’s of the flowers have been showing for the past three or four days and I was thinking they would be the first to open. I was wrong, to my surprise walking through the orchard yesterday one of my pear trees was the first to have a open flower. The wind blew the tags of the two pear trees this winter so I am not sure yet witch tree it is. It is rather a Ure or golden spice pear tree. Date 5-19-2020. I think the plums will open today. I also was seeing color on a few of my apple trees blooms yesterday. Tip for newbee’s make a map log of your plantings in case you lose your tree tags.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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